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Hrm... note to self.:

Organic weapons of mass destruction.

Look into it.
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I really wanted to try out that weapon. Really. Really. Really. I mean really. I know I shouldn't. I dismantled it.

I did.

Though I kept the blueprints. Put it with the other blueprints.

I wish I was as good at building things that were helpful instead of harmful.

But those aren't as much fun either.
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I always wanted to meet other Time Lords. After all, they couldn't all be like my fathers, could they? I certainly hoped not. Besides, it was lonely growing up without others of my kind to play with. No one was as smart as me. I couldn't tell other kids about the TARDIS or the fact that my two dads were really my biological parents. Everyone always thought that I was the Doctor's son and the Master was the Doctor's partner. I look more like the Doctor than the Master. Sort of.

Some people thought I was adopted.

I finally found a place where there was more than one Time Lord.

Unfortunately, they all turned out to be different versions of my father. Both of them. Some of them were even previous regenerations.

It doesn't seem fair that in the entire multiverse, that was the only sort of Time Lords I would run into.

Though I did run into a Rani. Who had twitched a lot while talking to me.

It seems like I'm utterly doomed to being an outcast of sorts.

Though there was that Omega fellow... confusing sort... but he seemed to be my age. He mentioned a new Gallifery. I should try and find that.
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Jackie's sitting cross-legged on top of a bar, the TARDIS really, so anyone trying to get a drink out of the bar will be rather disappointed, a slight grin on his face.

"I figure this is the place to ask the question, if there ever was one. I mean that's what this place is for, isn't it? Right, so, how do I get my father's wife... who died before I was born... to stop acting like I'm a freak of nature?"


Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:00 am
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Title Boy in a Jar.
Rating Nothing terribly bad in it.
Summary So, where did Jackie come from?

Boy in a Jar )
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The inside of the TARDIS looks nothing like a couch. Instead it's really, big and futuristic looking and just well, neat. Jackie bounds inside and spreads his arms out wide, "Ta-DAH! What do you think?"
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Jackie pushes his way into the TARDIS, and gestures proudly. "This is the TARDIS. Much better than the couch, eh?"
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Dear Dads,

Took the TARDIS out for a spin. Don't worry, I'll bring it back in one piece. Promise.




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